Thu 25 July 2013


Smell Me

As a result of feeling like I largely ignore grooming on this site… Here is a conscious effort to broaden the conversation. Kicking off with a series of men’s fragrance and skincare reviews, every product is tried and tested- and totally up to scratch.

On a side note- I am no expert on the subject- so the following is simply ramblings and observations.

Givenchy Gentlemen Only

Givenchy: Gentlemen Only. Clean, soapy, fresh and masculine. Like someone who has just showered- in a good way- and potentially on a summers morning. The ideal scenario: Lunch date. Plus, Simon Baker fronts the campaign and he is cool. $129 for 100ml at David Jones

Acqua Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo

Acqua di Parma: Blu Mediterraneo. The smell of citrus, relaxation and salt air. This is the scent you imagine when day dreaming about a European summer holiday. The ideal scenario: Straight off the beach. $140 for 150ml at Sephora

Fan Di Fendi Pour Homme Acqua

Fendi: Fan di Fendi Pour Homme Acqua. Best described as aromatic. Not as fresh as expected- and heavier than your average acqua summer scent. Ideal scenario: After dark. The campaign is fronted by cool dude Mark Ronson- doing his best. $85 for 50ml from David Jones

Ferragamo Acqua Essenziale

Salvatore Ferragamo: Acqua Essenziale. Bold and fairly juicy, it is definitely fresh and citrus. A little heavy for the beach. Ideal scenario: 100% after dark. $109 for 100ml at David Jones


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Wed 16 May 2012


It seems like everyone is about to jet off – be it fashion week in Milan, partying in Mykonos, nuptuals in Italy, or checking out the Big Apple. Being the avid beauty and grooming geek that I am, I thought that I best sort out what products are essential for my travel. And thought I would share my Top 5…


1) Dermalogica Skin Kit – 5 Dermalogica products in one pack – face wash, toner, moisturiser, exfoliator and eye creme – all small enough to suit your luggage allowance but contain enough product to last a couple of weeks away. The toner is perfect for a long flight – spray your face every few hours to refresh. The packs are skin type specific – normal/dry/oily.

Prada Travel Spray
2) Prada Amber pour Homme Eau de Toilette Travel Spray – the really cool thing about this is the stainless steel refillable vaporiser which unscrews at the bottom to refill. The fragrance itself has really grown on me and I find it quite unusual. It is clean, subtle and sophisticated yet very complex – saffron, vanilla, cardamom, leather, musk – pure Prada in a bottle. If you smell it once and it doesn’t resonate with you, put some on and smell it again in an hour. I’m a HUGE fan. The 10mL bottles are small enough that airport security won’t even notice.

3) Kiehl’s Facial Fuel No Shine Lip Balm – my lips really don’t agree with long haul flights. They need hydration. I like how this option from Kiehls is non-shine and in a stick aka ‘man-friendly’.

Evo Coalition

4) Evo Coalition for the Groomed Men’s Survival Kit – the concept alone had me intrigued: “this is a grooming kit that won’t let you down in a crisis, it’s a condom to pain, an aspirin to discomfort, the rosary bead of anxiety… the accent to your attitude“. This kit contains all the essential grooming products – shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, shaving cream and moisturiser. All fantastic products.

5) Clarins Men Fatigue Fighter – who lands after a 22-hour flight looking like they just had a 12 hour sleep and a hot shower? No one. This light gel fatigue fighter gives your skin an instant refreshing boost. It also comes in handy for those mornings when rushing to work a little under the weather.

Also check out our Roadtest: Clinique Anti-Fatigue Cooling Eye Gel.

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Wed 09 May 2012



YSL LA NUIT DE L’HOMME: Spicey. Winter. Lavendar. Cedar. Virile. Cumin. Vetiver. This is one of my favourite incarnations of the L’Homme range and a great winter scent.

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Tue 03 April 2012


Vetiver, a grass which is grown in Haiti, India, Brazil and Indonesia is a key basenote scent in many mens frangrances. Vetiver fragrances are perfect for the cooler months as they tend to be warmer, richer and sophisticated. Eau de parfum’s are quite common among the Vetiver fragrances meaning they tend to be more expensive but you use less – being stronger than an eau de toilette.

Tom Ford‘s Grey Vetiver has spice, wood and sun-drenched citrus. It’s masculine, luxurious and confident. This is the velvet tuxedo jacket of frangrance and a favourite. Creed‘s Original Vetiver uses the vetiver leaves rather than the root resulting is a fresher, green, earthy fragrance with ginger and mandarin notes. Refined and sophisticated. Master perfumer, Creed, is new to the Australian market and has its first counter in the southern hemisphere now at David Jones‘s flagship Elizabeth Street store. Armani Prive‘s Vetiver Babylone is comtemporary, clean and subtle.

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Tue 20 March 2012


ALLURE HOMME SPORT EAU EXTREME: Mint. Sage. White Musk. Black pepper. Sandalwood. Sophisticated. Confident. I think this might be my favourite evolution of Allure Homme since the line launched in 1999 and I don’t normally like Sports line fragrances! In stores this month and a must have for autumn.


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