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Melvin Tanaya and Lyna Ty are the faces behind Australian based, luxury menswear label Song for the Mute. Song for the Mute have quickly built a list of stockists that include some of the finest boutiques in over 12 countries. This list includes Chinese department store Lane Crawford, Zurich based BoutiqueRoma, Los Angele’s H.Lorenzo and Australia’s own purveyors of luxury fashion, Harrolds.

Song for The Mute _4

We were lucky to catch the designers backstage before there Mercedes Benz fashion week show presented by Harrolds.

Tell us what inspired the collection – Melvin – The inspiration for Song For The Mute collections always starts with fabrication letting the fabric inspire us, to see it move and let it quite organically inspire the design process. Lyna – This season it feel into place quite organically we picked all our favourite tones in the fabric’s between black and white picking out also tones of grey as this is was the biggest inspiration and also the title of the our collection “Grey “

Explain the partnership with Harrolds –  

Harrolds has always been the home of Song For The Mute, they have the biggest range of Song For The Mute in the world globally,  Stocking our collection after Song For The Mute  Winning “Australian designer of the Year ” award. 

We are the only Australian designers within the store, and after our collaboration with Harrolds x Song For The Mute which was released in store last month, we wanted to continue that relationship as they are the perfect partner, Song for The Mute being the only on-site menswear show for the week, Harrolds being seen as the best menswear store in Australia and its a chance for them to show there support to the industry, and without them we wouldn’t have been able to this calibre of a show without the ongoing support of Harrolds.

Song For The Mute_3

Song for the Mute_1Song for The Mute_2

Photographer – Guy Coombes Grooming – Lauren McCowan for Evo Styling - James Dykes, Matt Purcell @Chic Models  Henson -Accessories



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Mon 04 March 2013





Making a name for themselves with technical design and tailoring, From Britten P/L designers Tim and Alexander Bitten-Finschi are at the forefront of Australian mens fashion. Based in Melbourne, and set to show their SS13 collection during Mercedes Benz Australian Fashion Week later this year, part founder Alexander talks us through his AW13 collection currently dropping in store…

Name: Alexander Britten-Finschi

Place of birth: East Melbourne

Where are you now as you write this: 37.7833° S, 144.9667° E

How/ when did you start making menswear:

We were always surrounded by fashion, our mum is a fashion designer and her workroom became our playground. We both always wanted to be designers of some sort. We tried our hand at all types of design, from painting to graphics to architecture and photography. As a photographer I became fascinated by people and subcultures and how they tie into the codes of menswear. For Tim, his acute awareness of function in design resonated with the fundamentals of menswear. Add to the fact we could create something and actually use it. The first things we made, we made with tailors. We became fascinated by the processes and learned as much as we could from them.

How is From Britten different from other Australian menswear labels:

FB is different to other labels in that we work with tailors and specialists that have 50+yrs of experience. We utilize these traditional techniques, but fabricate blending beautiful wools and high tech fabrics. Menswear is fundamentally about function, so we’re always looking at ways to improve function. Our pockets in our pants for example have a special feature in them that prevents the loss of loose change.

What inspired your AW13 collection:

There is never an easy answer for this, but put simply, we were inspired by the fluidity and solidity of brazilian architect Oscar Neimeyer. The interplay of perfection and imperfection and the character that results from balancing these two aspects. Also, we drew inspiration from Jesse Eisenberg’s character in Holy Rollers, caught up in a drug smuggling ring in the late 90’s from Brooklyn. The idea of a young man beginning to make his make on the world, of being clothed in what he knew, combined with of influences of the people around him.

From Britten

Who is your ideal wearer:

We don’t normally adhere to the idea of the ‘ideal wearer’ per se. Rather, the garment should be ideal for the wearer. As a matter of policy, we always design to a formula of function, fabric, fashion and finish.

Your favourite look/ piece from the collection:

The overcoat. You don’t notice it right way, but there’s not a single carry over panel, cuffs blend into arms, side seams wrap around the back, pockets are concealed in seams. It also has thermotron technology lining which keeps you warm, but is entirely breathable and keeps the weight and bulk down. We managed to completely change the design and make it modern whilst maintaing the classic overcoat look. It embodies FROM BRITTEN P/L.

If this collection had a sound track, what is its theme song:

The practical 2 minute hits of advice by Brian Snellgrovesoundcloud bsnellgove1.

The labels biggest achievement to date:


Where can you buy From Britten:

At our store Customer, L/6 289 Flinders Lane Melbourne


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Wed 19 December 2012


Yuliy Gershinsky

NEW TALENT: Graduating from the TAFE Design Institute in 2011, Yuliy Gershinsky is Australian menswear’s rising star.

Showing during Australia Fashion Week earlier this year, his collection perfectly blends modern sports into cool streetwear. The pieces, mostly in black or white, draw focus on design and fabrication- amping up his international appeal.

Unsurprisingly, Yuily is also nominated in the Australians in New York Fashion Foundation’s annual scholarship (AINYFF). With the winner to be announced this evening, he has the chance to receive a six month internship in NYC along with $25,000 in prize money.

Wishing him the best of luck, I spoke with Yuliy this week…

Describe your style in three words? Forward, sportive & multifaceted.

Why menswear? Menswear is a little bit more intuitive and it allows me to find a better balance between concept and utility when designing and creating clothing.

How do you currently view Australian menswear? It’s mainly street and surf wear based. It’s a pretty relaxed place so it makes sense that the style is relaxed however, there are growing pockets of people who are paying a lot more attention to what they wear.

How do you see it changing in the future? I feel that the creative scene in Australia is growing quite rapidly. As a result more and more people are becoming more interested in art, design and fashion.

Your most memorable moment in the industry to date? Participating in the TAFE Innovators parade at MB Fashion week 2012.

If your label could be stocked at any store in the world… where would you choose? There are so many but if I had to choose one it would probably have to be Barneys New York.

If in New York, what is your ultimate internship? There are so many labels with which I’d love to intern with. Ideally it would be with either Calvin Klein or Patrick Ervell.

Find YULIY on Facebook.

Yuliy Gershinsky

Yuliy Gershinsky

Yuliy Gershinsky

Yuliy Gershinsky

Yuliy Gershinsky

Yuliy Gershinsky

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