Mon 15 August 2011


Name Occupation Place of Birth: Luke Cook, Actor, Sydney

How did you begin modelling / Acting? I was about to start acting school when this obnoxious guy came up and started speaking to me about modelling in Newtown. I thought he was hitting on me at first, but then he took me into my agency in Sydney and I realized he was for real.

Your favourite designers/ stylists / publication you have worked with? I love leopold. Those guys know how men should be dressing. I love Ken Thompson as a stylist, nobody makes me laugh more on set while dressing me up in that dapper way. Tangent Magazine know how to shoot and push the fashion envelope, it’s always a pleasure being around that bunch. They’re my type of creatives.

Most embarrassing moment on a set? I was recently in a tv show where a scene required me to strip in front of all these women out of a fake cop outfit.

Your favourite item of clothing? My high waisted denim cut offs.

Who would play you in a movie about your life? Bring Cary Grant back from the dead.

What is the most played song on your iTunes? Kanye West – Flashing Lights

Why have you included these images in your post? I’m including Cary because I think he was such a man of style, but not only that, he exuded such confidence, and was more than willing to play the clown. I’m including Kanye because I love hip hop, but I hate hip hop fashion, and if it wasn’t for this man’s irreverence and creativity hip hop would still be fashionably generic, and boring. The cast of Casablanca, class, style, talent. Where is that today? And that last picture… well… take a risk one day a week with what you wear.

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