Sat 20 September 2014



I am not the biggest fan of winter – but around this time of year I get super excited about buying a new coat – and it’s becoming a tradition!

Part II of my partnership with Emporio Armani has me trying out this hooded duffle coat. I am all about these toggle buttons and hood – perfect when paired back with these Armani sneakers

Wearing: Emporio Armani Hooded Duffle Coat and Giorgio Armani sneakers.



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Tue 16 September 2014



Pre-Fall is in full swing. Fashion week is done. So I am currently weighing in my cool weather options for the coming season – road testing this awesome blazer from Emporio Armani.

I am all about this double-breasted, high-buttoned and peaked lapel blazer. Perfect when paired with jeans and a fitted shirt.

Wearing: Emporio Armani double-breasted blazer and slim fit shirt. LM


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Tue 20 May 2014



Front Row Suit had pleasure of sitting down with Brioni master tailor Adrian Constanzo, who is in town for personal appointments at Harrolds.

Can you explain how does one become a master tailor – Becoming a master tailor started with a four year course in pattern making. I was lucky to be taught and tested in-house with Brioni, then finally passing a series of tests with the master tailor of the house.

Can you please explain your partnership with Harrolds and how long will you be in Australia for?

I will be in Australia for 2 days. We have a very tight schedule of meeting clients in-store at Harrolds for personal fittings that general take over an hour. During an appointment, a client is shown fabric and styling details of a suit they desire and measurements of the client is taken to map out  for their Brioni custom suit.

How does it generally take for a bespoke suit to be ready?

Six to Eight weeks; it may take a little longer as we reserve our bespoke service for more difficult clients. Because at Brioni we are trained so technically, this is a service we offer for customers who may have found it difficult to work with an off-the-rack suit options in the past and who are happy to spend a little more for a perfectly fitted suit.

Are you trained to evaluate different body shapes? 

The process of tailoring a suit to the body is a little like architecture. As no two clients are the same, you need to learn to concentrate and listen to the clients’ requests.

What have you learnt while at Brioni –

Brioni has a very unique identity with history that dates back to 1945. Traditional Italian craftmanship is fused with modern technology.  Many clients buy Brioni Suits as it is something they trust and they associate with it.







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Mon 28 April 2014


A few shots from my latest GAP Styldby collab… shot on the rooftop of my apartment building in NYC (which I recently discovered). Click here to see the collection. 

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Wed 23 April 2014


We caught up with designer Kiaya Daniels before her innovators fashion week show.



Photography – Guy Coombes , Grooming Lauren McCowan using Evo products, Styling – James Dykes all clothing Kiaya Daniels  Jacob @IMG



You showed at fashion week as part of the innovators,  what did you enjoy most about this process, 

Being invited to show at Fashion Week as part of The Innovators was an opportunity I couldn’t have been more thrilled about. I think the part that gives me the most joy, is the recognition, the acknowledgment that you’re on the right track and that people like what you’re doing. 

There was an amazing moment when all of the models were dressed, ready to walk out and I got to see the collection as a whole for the first time. Everything i’ve been working towards and the vision i’ve been building upon for what feels like forever, actually came together as I imagined it. To see the collection realised was an incredible feeling, very reaffirming for me.

From the time I found out I would be showing to right now, I’ve enjoyed all of it – the pre show prep, the backstage
buzz, the post show reception, all of the press and media. It has all been so surreal.
What do you enjoy about menswear, why did you choose to follow a menswear path in terms of design.
I have always been drawn to Menswear, it inspires me, and intrigues me. It is the road less travelled and there is so much to be explored. 
I love how uncomplicated menswear is, it is understated, with such a strong underlying foundation. For me, menswear makes sense – the tailoring and silhouettes, the fabrications, the pattern making and construction. 
My aesthetic is also very suited to menswear, as much as a lot of my pieces could easily translate into women’s wear, I think they say so much more in a menswear context.
The Future, where do you see your brand in 5 years time.
In five years time I hope that i’ll be seeing Kiaya Daniels pieces on the street, people wearing my designs and interpreting and styling them in their own way. Five years is a long time in the Australian menswear market, there is a lot of growth to be had in the next five years, by consumers and in the retail market.
I really want to create a brand designed distinctly for the Australian Market, creating menswear which is directional and pushes boundaries, but is also very wearable and viable for the Australian male.
I think if this approach spreads and continues to grow, Kiaya Daniels could have a place in a lot of wardrobes in five years time.  


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